Agriculture Applications



Nowadays, hundreds of chemical materials are presented to the markets for protecting plants against pathogenic agents by manufacture companies in the world, that they unfortunately, damage environment very much.

With introducing and discovery of nanotechnology inventions in Nano biotechnology department, Pars Nano Nasb Co., now is able to produce and present Nanocid as an antibacterial material that has lots of properties such as controlling pests and plant pathology in agriculture field.

Nanocid colloids for horticulture
Controlling pests and investigation on plant pathology field on the basis of Nano biotechnology is one of the ways of challenging that is highly appreciated by researchers and experts because of the dangers that using chemical materials and vast usage of anti pests has for environment, human beings and all other beings, and this new field is extending in the world day to day.



  1. Easy application by direct spray on the plants.

  2. Non-chemical base of these products, and agreeable and friendly with environment.

  3. Not creating resistance against kinds of bacteria and microbes.

  4. Stability of its antibacterial property, considerably.

  5. Nanocid is not poisonous and produced with silver (metal)

  6. Danger less for humans and domesticated animals.

  7. More economical.

Nanocid colloids for herbs



Controlling pests and diseases, sterilization of implant bed by Nanocid. The effective material of pharmaceutical plants and outcome essence don't have any chemical material.


Nanocid is effective on controlling pathogen agents in under control greenhouses and plantation environments. Nanocid can be used in sterilization of agriculture tools and equipments, farms, plantation bed, seed sterilization, packing, sterilization of bottles and gallon.


Nanocid has considerable effects on essence shelf life and pharmaceutical plants.

Now, Nanocid with Iranian technical knowledge and local innovation and creativity and up to date technology is at the service of alteration industry in agriculture department.