Animal Hygienic



With introducing and discovery of nanotechnology inventions in Nanotechnology department, Pars Nano Nasb Co., now is able to produce and present Nanocid as an antibacterial material that has lots of properties such as controlling  any kind of microbes in animal husbandry.


The application of nanocid in animal husbandry

  1. Body lavation         

  2. Under lavation

  3. Hoof lavation

  4. Milk container

  5. Breast pump

  6. Carrying machines

  7. Sterilization of outside surroundings

  8. Mixing with wadding and floor materials

  9. Paints of walls and floor, ceramics

  10. Sterilization of air

  11. Transition machines

  12. Cloths and gloves

  13. Confident sterilization of sewage

  14. Confident sterilization of consumption water n


Nanocid consumption procedure

Mix and spray with chlorine less water.